Implants : Dentist, General, Cosmetic, Kemp Mill, Wheaton, Silver Spring MD, Spencer A. Gakner, D.D.S.


Dr. Gakner has completed a intensive Mini-Residency in Implant Dentistry. An implant is a small titanium post that fits precisely into the socket left by a missing tooth. Bone tissue naturally fuses with the biocompatible titanium to create a solid foundation – a replacement tooth root. Once the gum has healed, Dr. Gakner will place a crown, or a cap, on the implant to produce a beautiful, natural looking tooth. In the event that there are multiple teeth missing next to the implant, instead of putting a crown over the implant, Dr. Gakner will fit a bridge, partial, or denture over the implant, as he would with a real tooth, to secure it in place and support the structure.